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The Grassfed Farmacist: Nathan Charpentier, PharmD, CMTM, CISSN

Being a Doctor of Pharmacy, Nathan Charpentier knows the ins and outs of medication treatments fairly well. What provoked him to develop a deeper practice in nutrition was realizing how food behaved like many of the drugs he was filling prescriptions for.  Not only that, he noticed nutrition may be much more powerful in actually preventing, treating and reversing many chronic diseases than the expensive medications commonly prescribed.  It is no surprise that Nate has seen the tragedy of poor nutritional choices and misguided diet intervention and management all too often in his years of practice in pharmacy.  Unfortunately, many patients are mislead by popular mainstream diets or manipulative marketing with little scientific merit; however, due to big industry funding and clever marketing, they fall victim to these illegitimate and dangerous lifestyle practices.

Nate has been trained in how to manage health and disease using both non-pharmacological and pharmacological intervention (meaning, without medications and also with medications).  Food is first and foremost the most important pharmacological choice we make on a daily basis!  We need it to survive life!  It is so vital to our existence and yet, there is so little protecting us from the dangers of continuously consuming poor food choices that lurk everywhere, from the grocery store to the vending machine.  Food is the number one most people negate and as a drug expert, he can guide you through the knowledge and evidence and help you develop a sound nutrition.  After all, you would want the best drugs in quality and proper quantity, so why wouldn’t you want the same from your meal?

Nate is also certified in medication therapy management (CMTM) through the American Pharmacist Association (APhA).  He is also a member of and certified nutritionist (CISSN) through the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN).  Both of these specialty certifications allow him to understand how foods, supplements and medications interact.  More importantly, how those interactions may effect  your goals and strategies to overcome any challenges from those interactions.

Life Outside of Pharmacy

Nate also enjoys a variety of sports, from weightlifting, bike riding, swimming, obstacle course racing, and coaching as a USAW Weightlifting Advanced Sports Performance (Level 2) Coach and a CrossFit Level 1 trainer (CrossFit) with additional CrossFit Mobility and Movement Fix Athlete certifications. Aside from focus on strength and conditioning, Nate enjoys dedicating time to family and friends. He might also be found playing a tune long practiced on his guitar, diving into some jazz music, checking out local artists, or pulling a rich shot of espresso from his La Pavoni.

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Snow (Powers) Charpentier: Fitness & Nutrition Enthusiast, Coach, and Designer 

Going from office-chair graphic designer to being a national-level weightlifter and a former ironman triathlete, Snow understands how proper nutrition can greatly benefit performance and a healthy lifestyle. Following college graduation, Snow found herself feeling out-of-shape and decided to turn her fitness life around through training for her first half marathon. After accomplishing the 13.1 miles, she set foot on higher goals, working towards longer marathon, half ironman and full ironman triathlon distances, all while discovering that a strong, disciplined nutritional base was essential for her success, long-term health and competitive performance. Snow discovered the Paleo diet while incorporating CrossFit into her routine and was hooked! Now, you might find Snow experimenting in the kitchen on weekends, trying to discover new flavors and ways to combine wholesome, paleo ingredients into delicious, good-for-you meals.

Alongside illustrating her own fitness themed greeting cards and doing graphic design and marketing work, Snow coaches athletes as a Crossfit Level 1 trainer and a USAW Sports Performance Coach at Arete CrossFit and with Rogue Barbell Club. She loves inspiring people to create goals and to make wellness, health and fitness an integral part of their life. Snow’s current fitness focus is on olympic weightlifting, training on the nationally renowned team Catalyst Athletics to compete within the top ten females in the 53kg class at various National Weightlifting Competitions as well as developing better movement and alignment through a consistent yoga practice.

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