Our Nutrition Coaching & Wellness Services

Grassfed Farmacy provides a variety of different services and consultations to meet your health, wellness and nutritional needs. Click on the link below to learn more details about each service:

  • Health & Nutritional Coaching & Wellness Plans
  • Interested in having the Farmacist coach you to help set new health, wellness and/or nutritional goals? We have a variety of plans and packages to meet the needs you are looking for. Start off with a 1-hour consultation and assessment with our Farmacist:
    Jumpstart Me!– Initial Consultation & Assessment ($80)
    Set up your first meeting with Nathan, where he will learn and analyze your current health and wellness status, give you a brief breakdown of what dietary needs mays suit you best, and help determine what your wellness goals should be.

    Following the 1-hour initial assessment, you can choose to take part in any of the following plans that interest you, based on what your needs, goals and time-frame are. *Note: The initial consultations in the following packages are in addition to the first assessment meeting, to help get you situated and informed with your new plan.

    On-Ramp to Wellness – 30-day Plan (starting at $145)
    A 30 day plan – something you CAN do! A month is all it takes to get and see results.

    Package includes:
    > 1-hour Initial Plan Consultation & Discussion
    > Weekly check-in emails
    > Shopping List
    > Sample week meal plan
    > Nutritional Guides and Handouts
    > Follow-up 45-min Consultation

    3-Month Wellness Foundations  (starting at $350)
    Start developing standards and goals for long-term health with a 3-month nutritional and wellness plan that you can sustain.

    Package includes:
    > 1-hour initial plan consultation & discussions
    > weekly check-in emails
    > shopping list
    > sample week meal plan
    > nutritional guides and handouts
    > monthly follow-up consultations
    > Step by step plan to help guide you achieve your health and fitness goals!
    > *Bonus! Magnetic pad of blank “shopping lists” for your fridge

    6-Month Wellness Revamp Program – (starting at $600)
    Health and wellness for the long-term! Reset and maintain your healthier lifestyle with a full 6-months of step-by-step plans and progress. (Highly recommended for your best, steady results that will stay with you).

    Package includes:
    > 1-hour initial plan consultation & discussion
    > weekly check-in emails
    > shopping list, sample week meal plan
    > nutritional guides and handouts
    > monthly follow-up consultations
    > monthly goals and step-by-step plans
    > *Bonus! a Grassfed Farmacy crafted Food Journal for you to keep track of your progress.

    Competition-Ready Package (starting at $245)
    Meant for the athletes in-training who are looking to hone their diet to increase their performance or reach a target body weight. Sign up for 2 or 3 months.

    Package comes with:
    > 1-hour initial plan consultation & discussion
    > weekly check-in emails
    > shopping list, sample week meal plan
    > nutritional guides and handouts
    > monthly follow-up consultations
    > training-specific nutritional advice

    You can use the contact form located on the right sidebar to contact our Farmacist, Nathan to learn more about these plans or to set up a time for your consultation, or email him directly at

    **Note: We do have special discounted rates exclusively for students, couples/families and crossfit gym members! Just ask us for details**


    Heart Rate Variability Training
  • Nathan is a certified HRV Pro Trainer
  • Train smarter and know how your body really feels without having to guess! Heart Rate Variability training is a method used to determine and adjust the volume and intensity of what your workout should be on that day based on a measurement derived from the patterns of your heart beat each morning.
  • Nathan is a BioForce Certified HRV Pro Trainer who can help guide you through starting and using your heart rate variability to maximize your fitness potential without under or overtraining.

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